• CMOR now supports Python 3.6 and 3.7.
  • PrePARE will stop if CMIP6_coordinate.json, CMIP6_formula_terms.json, and CMIP6_CV.json are missing from the table directory.
  • Changed missing value replacement history message to include “corresponding data”.
  • The UUID library ossuuid has been replaced with libuuid
  • CMOR will now use the json-c library installed from conda-forge instead of building its own library.
  • In the Python API, CMOR will throw an error if the number of time steps being passed to cmor.write is less than ntimes_passed.
  • If the number of timesteps written is less than the length of the time axis, CMOR will give a warning when closing.
  • cdms2 has been replaced with Netcdf4 for use in PrePARE.


  • Fixed bug in PrePARE where it crashes when it does not find the _FillValue attribute in a file.
  • Fixed error caused by variables having both a singleton dimension and a generic level.
  • Fixed bugs in PrePARE where it was not processing the attribute cell_measures correctly.
  • Fixed bug caused by cmor.write in the Python API when the number of time steps passed is less than the ntimes_passed argument.
  • Fixed bug when handling the olevhalf dimension.
  • Fixed error caused by variables having multiple singleton dimensions.
  • Fixed bug when using CMOR in Append mode for instantaneous variables.
  • Fixed bug caused by multiple instances of CMOR running a file permissions test by writing a test file. Each test file will now have the instance’s PID in the file name.
  • Fixed bug where the frequency of the variable used in the last call to cmor_write is applied to the output file name of all variables when calling cmor_close_variable or cmor_close.

Closed Issues