This is an archive for CMOR 1.3.

Download the CMOR Software:

Download the documentation:

Download the CMOR input files for your project:

After gunzipping and extracting the files from the tars, you should read the file named “INSTALL” (in the CMOR directory). This tells you how to create the library. As explained in the INSTALL file, you can compile the test codes called ipcc_test_code.f90 and test_region.f90, which are in the Test subdirectory. Then run the executables (ipcc_test_code and test_region). If you need to alter the makefile (or the compile file), other than changing paths, please send us a copy of what you had to do, so others can avoid repeating your work. If you are able to compile successfully, but CMOR returns an error message on execution, you should contact Karl Taylor ( We have run ipcc_test_code and many other test codes on 5 different platforms: SGI, linux (PGI compiler), HP-UX, IBM (AIX-xlf), and SUN (OS-5.8)..

Documentation of CMOR itself (cmor_users_guide.pdf) is found in the Doc subdirectory included in the tar file. There is a sample code (very similar to ipcc_test_code.f90) listed as an appendix in the documentation. This should help you to write a code for converting your data to CF-compliant data, as required for IPCC and other MIP submissions.

Please let me know if you uncover any suspected bugs, or if you have suggestions or need further clarification.

Karl E. Taylor