1. Keys beginning with character _ will not be written in netCDF file as attribute. They can be use for template filename of template path.
  2. Keys beginning with character # can be used as comment.

CMIP6 CMOR User Input


  • _controlled_vocabulary_file:”Specify Controlled Vocabulary file name – default: CMIP6_CV.json”

  • _AXIS_ENTRY_FILE: “Specify Coordinate table file(axes) – default: CMIP6_coordinate.json”

  • _FORMULA_VAR_FILE: “Speciry Formula terms table file – defalut: CMIP6_formula_terms.json”

  • _cmip6_option: “used to trigger validation for CMIP6 only.”

  • activity_id: “Specify an activity PMIP, GeoMIP”

  • output: “Output Path where files are written – must be created by the user.”

  • experiment_id: “Correspond to id found in "_controlled_vocabulary_file"”

  • source_type: “type of model used”,

  • sub_experiment: “description of sub-experiment”,

  • sub_experiment_id: “none”,

  • parent_sub_experiment_id:

  • parent_mip_era:

  • mip_era:

  • institution:

  • source:

  • calendar:

  • realization_index:

  • initialization_index:

  • physics_index:

  • forcing_index:

  • *contact *:

  • history:

  • comment:

  • references:

  • institution_id:

  • model_id:

  • forcing:

  • parent_variant_label:

  • parent_experiment_id:

  • branch_time:

  • parent_activity_id:

  • parent_source_id:

  • branch_method:
  • branch_time_in_child:
  • branch_time_in_parent:
  • branch_time_units_in_parent:

  • further_info_url: “<mip_era>/<institution_id><source_id><experiment_id><sub_experiment_id><variant_label>”,
  • grid:
  • grid_label:
  • nominal_resolution:
  • run_variant:
  • source_id:

  • output_path_template: “<mip_era><activity_id><institution_id><source_id><experiment_id><member_id><table><variable_id><grid_label><version>”,

  • version: Set this to name the <version> part of the output path template. If not set, then CMOR will use the current date as the version in the format of “vYYYYMMDD” (ex. “v20220718”),

  • output_file_template: “<variable_id><table><source_id><experiment_id><member_id><grid_label>[<time_range>]”,

  • license: Use the following template
    • “CMIP6 model data produced by <institution’s name> is licensed under a <license>. Consult for terms of use governing CMIP6 output, including citation requirements and proper acknowledgment. Further information about this data, including some limitations, can be found via the further_info_url (recorded as a global attribute in this file)[ and at <URL>]. The data producers and data providers make no warranty, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All liabilities arising from the supply of the information (including any liability arising in negligence) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.”

    • [ and at <URL>] is a placeholder for an optional URL for information on the data.

    • Choose one of the following for <license>

      • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (
      • Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication License (
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