CMOR user Input


           "_control_vocabulary_file": "CMIP6_CV.json",
           "_cmip6_option":           "CMIP6",

           "tracking_prefix":        "hdl:21.14100",
           "activity_id":            "ISMIP6",

           "branch_method":          "standard",
           "branch_time_in_child":   "365.0",

           "#output":                "Output Path where files are written",
           "outpath":                "CMIP6",

           "#experiment_id":         "CMIP6 valid experiment_ids are found in CMIP6_CV.json",
           "experiment_id":          "piControl-withism",
           "sub_experiment_id":      "none",
           "sub_experiment":         "none",

           "source_type":            "AOGCM ISM AER",
           "parent_mip_era":         "N/A",
           "mip_era":                "CMIP6",
           "calendar":               "360_day",
           "branch_time":            "1.34",

           "realization_index":      "11",
           "initialization_index":   "1",
           "physics_index":          "1",
           "forcing_index":          "1",

           "#contact ":              "Not required",
           "contact ":              "Python Coder (",

           "#history":               "not required, supplemented by CMOR",
           "history":                "Output from archivcl_A1.nce/giccm_03_std_2xCO2_2256.",

           "#comment":               "Not required",
           "comment":                "Equilibrium reached after 30-year spin-up after which data were output starting with nominal date of January 2030",

           "#references":            "Not required",
           "references":             "Model described by Koder and Tolkien (J. Geophys. Res., 2001, 576-591).  Also see  2XCO2 simulation described in Dorkey et al. '(Clim. Dyn., 2003, 323-357.)'",

           "grid":                   "gs1x1",
           "grid_label":             "gr",
           "nominal_resolution":     "5 km",

           "institution_id":         "PCMDI",

           "parent_activity_id":     "CMIP",
           "parent_experiment_id":   "histALL",
           "parent_source_id":       "GFDL-CM2-1",
           "parent_variant_label":   "r1i1p1f3",

           "#run_variant":           "Description of run variant (Recommended).",
           "run_variant":            "forcing: black carbon aerosol only",

           "#source_id":              "Model Source",
           "source_id":               "PCMDI-test-1-0",

           "#source":                "source title, first part is source_id",
           "source":                 "PCMDI-test 1.0",

           "#output_path_template":   "Template for output path directory using tables keys or global attributes",
           "output_path_template":    "<activity_id><institution_id><source_id><experiment_id><variant_label><table><variable_id><grid_label><version>",
           "output_file_template":    "<variable_id><table><experiment_id><source_id><variant_label><grid_label>",

           "license":                  "CMIP6 model data produced by PCMDI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution \"Share Alike\" 4.0 International License ( Use of the data should be acknowledged following guidelines found at [Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at] Further information about this data, including some limitations, can be found via the further_info_url (recorded as a global attribute in data files). The data producers and data providers make no warranty, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All liabilities arising from the supply of the information (including any liability arising in negligence) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law."


Python source code


import cmor



itime = cmor.axis(table_entry= 'time',
                  units= 'days since 2000-01-01 00:00:00',
                  coord_vals= [15,],
                  cell_bounds= [0, 30])
ilat = cmor.axis(table_entry= 'latitude',
                 units= 'degrees_north',
                 coord_vals= [0],
                 cell_bounds= [-1, 1])
ilon = cmor.axis(table_entry= 'longitude',
                 units= 'degrees_east',
                 coord_vals= [90],
                 cell_bounds= [89, 91])

axis_ids = [itime,ilat,ilon]
varid = cmor.variable('ts', 'K', axis_ids)
cmor.write(varid, [273])
outfile=cmor.close(varid, file_name=True)
print "File written: ",outfile