CMOR 3.2.7 released!!!

Minor fixes to merge UV-CDAT environment with CMOR environment. Create a meta YML file to facilitate sharing enviroment. Modify HISTORY log metadata for Obs4MIPS getting rid of mip_era which was set to CMIP6 or “”.

CMOR 3.2.6 released!!!

CMOR log now are written to file immediately using fflush(). Fix redundant message in history attribute. Fix PrePARE to match timestamp in filename created by CMOR. Add further_info_url template for obs4MIPs project. Fix python wrapper to ensure that data shape is pass correctly to cmor.write(). Add hierarchical attribute setting in...

CMOR 3.2.5 released!!!

CMOR 3.2.5 released

CMOR 3.2.4 released!!!

CMOR 3.2.4 released

CMOR 3.2.3 released!!!

CMOR 3.2.3 released

CMOR 3.2.2 released!!!

CMOR 3.2.2 released

CMOR 3.2.0 released!!!

CMOR 3.2.0 released

CMOR 3.1.3 released!!!

CMOR 3.1.3 released

CMOR 3.1.2 released!!!

CMOR 3.1.2 released

CMOR 3.1.1

Release Note: 1. CMOR tables in sync with 01.beta.30 CMIP6 data request. 2. Add cmip6_cv python module for CMIP6 Validation. 3. Add 4. Update all experiments using Karkl Taylor’s spreadsheet 062116.cvs 5. fix traceback error color; 6. fix email address and website in CV file. 7. Fix wrong JSON...

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