• CMOR automatically sets attributes in a dataset using the registered data listed in a project CV’s source_id entry (e.g. Tables/CMIP6_CVs.json or Tables/input4MIPs.json), reducing the input requirements from a user. This feature can be overridden by setting the attributes in the user input file (e.g. user_input.json).
  • Added ability to write reftime and leadtime coordinates to datasets for forecast data.


  • End of support for Python 3.6.
  • CMOR now supports Python 3.10.
  • The CCLRC license has been replaced with a BSD-3 license.
  • Updated warning and error messages from retired listserv email address cmor@listserv.llnl.gov to pcmdi-cmip@llnl.gov.
  • Updated CMOR and CF versions listed in the Fortran wrapper.


  • PrePARE would crash if the experiment_id attribute is not present in a dataset. It will now check for the presence of experiment_id before further processing the dataset.
  • PrePARE was generating errors when processing cell_methods values that contained multiple comments, which are substrings in parentheses embeded in the values. PrePARE can now handle cell_methods values containg mulitple comments.
  • Fixed error caused by an error message exceeding the maximum string size when an attribute value cannot be validated with a list of values from the CV.
  • Corrected typo in udunits initialization message.

Closed Issues