• Added the option --hide-progress to PrePARE to remove the number of files completed while processing files.
  • Added the option --no-text-color to PrePARE to remove the color code from the terminal output.
  • Added the option --version to PrePARE to output the version of CMOR/PrePARE in use.


  • CMOR now supports Python 3.8.
  • Changed Control Vocabulary to Controlled Vocabulary.
  • Improved error messages for supported data types in pywrapper.py.
  • Removed gfortran 4.8.5 requirement for OSX.
  • CMOR will now allow axis values to be within 1.e-6 fractional error for valid_min and valid_max.
  • cmor_CV_checkSourceID will throw an error if source is not found in a source_id section of the CV.
  • In the function cmor_CV_checkParentExpID, if parent_experiment_id is “” or not found in the variable file, then it will be set to “no parent” if that is the valid value for parent_experiment_id in the CV.
  • When parent_experiment_id is a value other than “no parent” in the function cmor_CV_checkParentExpID, it will check the attributes parent_activity_id, branch_method, branch_time_in_child, branch_time_in_parent, parent_time_units, parent_variant_label, parent_source_id, and parent_mip_era, and only return an error after going through all of them.


  • Improved how comments in the cell_methods attribute are handled.
  • Fixed error message for false_northing in cmor_set_grid_attribute
  • Fixed issue with PrePARE not counting errors for attribute errors.
  • Fixed errors when processing the nwdFracLut variable in the Emon table.
  • PrePARE will now check if external_variables exists when values are present in cell_measures.
  • PrePARE will now give an error if the activity_id is wrong.

Closed Issues