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Getting started overview Page Design Considerations and Overview This document describes Version 3 of a software library called “Climate Model Output Rewriter” (CMOR3)[1], written in C with access also provided via Fortran 90 and through Python[2]. CMOR is used to produce CF-compliant[3] netCDF[4] files. The structure of the files...
CMOR Application program interface (API) Page cmor_setup() Fortran: error_flag = cmor_setup(inpath=’./’, netcdf_file_action=CMOR_PRESERVE, set_verbosity=CMOR_NORMAL, exit_control=CMOR_NORMAL, logfile, create_subdirectories) C: error_flag = cmor_setup(char *inpath, int *netcdf_file_action, int *set_verbosity, int *exit_control, char *logfile, int *create_subdirectories) Python: setup(inpath=’.’, netcdf_file_action=CMOR_PRESERVE, set_verbosity=CMOR_NORMAL, exit_control=CMOR_NORMAL, logfile=None, create_subdirectories=1) Description: Initialize CMOR, specify path to MIP table(s) that will be read by CMOR,...
CMOR 3.2.3 released!!! Post CMOR 3.2.3 released
CMOR 3.2.2 released!!! Post CMOR 3.2.2 released
CMOR 3.2.0 released!!! Post CMOR 3.2.0 released
CMOR 3.1.3 released!!! Post CMOR 3.1.3 released
CMOR 3.1.2 released!!! Post CMOR 3.1.2 released
CMOR 3.1 released!!! Post CMOR 3.1 released