CMOR 3.8.0 is the first release built to work natively with the mip-cmor-tables, CMIP6Plus_CVs, input4MIPs_CVs and obs4MIPs_CVs. The software has been generalized to allow more broad usage following the new CVs templates noted above.


  • CMOR will throw an error if it processes a JSON file that contains null values. Used to avoid segfaults.
  • When processing attributes in variable entries, any JSON list values will be converted into a space-separated lists string. Used for the dimensions and modeling_realm variable attributes.
  • Modeling realm strings were being split by spaces and only had the first word found stored in the realm attribute of the file. This has been fixed by storing the whole realm string.
  • The further_info_url attribute is no longer created automatically unless it is listed in the CV’s required_global_attributes list.

Closed Issues