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Mailing list

  1. To subscribe to the CMOR mailing list,

  2. To learn how to use the LISTSERV email application, go to

  3. The following email addresses are used for the specified purposes:


    • You may leave the list at any time by sending a SIGNOFF CMOR command (include SIGNOFF CMOR in the email body to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.LLNL.GOV)

    • Or by sending a blank email to: CMOR-signoff-request@LISTSERV.LLNL.GOV

    • You can also tell LISTSERV how you want it to confirm the receipt of messages that you send to the list. To send yourself a copy of your own messages, send a SET CMOR REPRO command.

    • Alternatively, to have LISTSERV send you a short acknowledgement instead of the entire message, send a SET CMOR ACK NOREPRO command. Finally, you can turn off acknowledgements completely with the SET CMOR NOACK NOREPRO command.

    • This list is available in digest form. If you wish to receive the digested version of the postings, then issue a SET CMOR DIGEST command.

    • Please note that it is presently possible for other people to determine that you are signed up to the list using the REVIEW command, which returns the email address and name of all the subscribers (include Review CMOR in the email body) to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.LLNL.GOV

    • If you do not want your name to be visible, then just issue a SET CMOR CONCEAL command.

    • Following instructions from the list owner, your subscription options have been set to "REPRO IETFHDR” rather than the usual LISTSERV defaults. For more information about subscription options, send a QUERY CMOR command to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.LLNL.GOV.

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